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Thursday, June 14, 2012

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YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world and it comes with a large interactive community ready for users, companies, and brands to use at will. But how does one go about marketing on YouTube? That is the question that will be answered in this article.

Adding friends on YouTube would be a great way to grow your network and increase your reach but after the latest YouTube upgrade, user videos, comments and “likes” are no longer displayed in each of their friends “watch page”.  Moreover, "friends" are now "contacts" and the notifications that they receive when you add them are placed in a non-visible (almost)  section of their inbox.

Commenting is another marketing tool employed by some YouTube's users but it is not very practical considering the time it takes to comment one by one. It's probably best to think of commenting as a form of entertainment as opposed to being a marketing ploy. And it's definitely better to comment for fun instead of commenting spam.

Messaging on YouTube is time consuming since you can only message a few people at once
. Like commenting, YouTube has managed their messaging system long before 2011. Aside from that, it’s against YouTube’s T.O.S. to send mass produced non-targeted messages. So this is another “no-go”.

can get some people’s attention but at what cost? YouTube cracked down on users who were promising sub-4-sub and exploiting YouTube by subscribing to anyone and everyone. There is now a limit of 2,000 subscriptions per user without there being a limit on how many subscribers that same user can earn. So this is another no-go and for good reason. A lot of people were getting tired of the sub-4-sub profile spammers.

Uploading videos is one of the more obvious and common forms of advertising on YouTube, but it is also the one that requires the most work. It’s usually good to start with specific niches like “camcorder reviews”, "makeup tutorials" or something to that effect. Once you increase your viewership you can branch out into other areas like v-logs, personal outings and things like that.

Promotions and free giveaways on YouTube are honorable and practical and if you're willing to burden the cost, throwing a free giveaway via YouTube with a public figure is a great way to get more exposure. When you throw these free giveaways you can often get viewership in the thousands range and possibly tens of thousands range depending on the channel you market through. This can be a very good thing for your company, website or blog. Discounts and promotions are good but aren't as favorable as shipping an actual product. Free giveaways can actually be cost effective if you do it right.

Then there is the last and final option which turns out to be the most expensive. You can always market on YouTube via the
adwords.google.com website. Please visit their website if it’s something that catches your interest.

Christopher is a novice writer who has learned a lot from his wife, Emafe Rice, the founder of PinkieRiceGurl.com. He loves watching her videos, reading her blogs and editing her work here and there while trying to help her along the way.


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