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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Elma & Tita Flor.

It’s May 28th today and that means it’s Aaron’s birthday. He is now three years old! I still remember before he was born when it was just his Ate Claue and their parents. Aaron doesn’t speak English yet since he's still young but his older sister does. 

While at the birthday party I took a picture of a roasted pig and that is one of the things that makes the Philippines different from the United States. I only saw a roasted pig in the U.S. once in my life but here it's extremely common. Most families that have enough money to purchase and cook whole pigs multiple times in a year do. It is part of Philippine culture. Some religious doctrines ban pig products but a good amount of the Christian population here enjoys pig during most of their celebrations.

This was just a basic update with some background about celebrations in the Philippines. Thank you for reading and make sure to find time off to relax and treat yourself with kindness.

Birthday Celebration.
This is a street dog here in the province.


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