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Monday, May 22, 2017

Chris & Emafe Rice
Emafe met me at the Manila Airport with her aunt and cousin on August 29th, 2009. After our time in Manila we flew to the province and got picked up by her parents and brothers. I still remember seeing the never ending rice fields and coconut trees lining the highway with the wind blowing towards me and the fast motion of the multicab I was in. It was surreal, especially since I hadn’t yet been to a country like the Philippines.

Once in her hometown, we visited with her other relatives, her Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, etc. But one of the first things Emafe did was clip my toenails. I am not very clean when it comes to things like that and in the Philippines I guess it is more important. I am usually busy looking straight in front of me so I don’t spend that much time caring for and looking after my feet. That could be why I needed them clipped so badly.

Anyways, it was awkward getting my nails cut by someone else for the first time. It almost felt like she was going to cut my toes since she used a nipper to trim the skin around my nails. It felt a bit frightening and still does, even though it doesn’t hurt that much. But I am finally getting used to it.

I am now making it a habit of saying Yes the moment Emafe is ready to cut my nails, and I am making an effort to do other things that make me feel uncomfortable. ‘Exposure therapy’ is one of the best ways to relieve slight and mild cases of anxiety. I recommend it for people who get a feeling of discomfort, anxiety or stress from things, thoughts or feelings they are avoiding.

Emafe clipped my nails today.


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