Don't try to be the Buddha (Christ). Just be yourself for that is the Buddha.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Fast sketch of Chris & Emafe Rice.

Sometimes our society or at least the part of society I grew up in teaches people to have goals. The philosophy is that without a goal, a person will get nowhere. But I am starting to believe that somewhere is worse than Here.

When we don’t have a goal, we are more fully ourselves. We enjoy life, our family, our friends and most of all ourselves. Goals might be good sometimes, especially since having a goal ‘To Not Have Goals’ is just the same thinking pattern all over again. But lets not get so caught up in goals and enjoying ideas that we forget to see the real thing, Reality, staring us in the face and waiting for attention.

Words are symbolic and in many ways words are metaphors since everyone who reads this will have their own interpretation. But one interpretation for the word God is Reality. It is the only thing that is real, everything else is false.

Sketch of Emafe Rice.


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