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Friday, May 26, 2017

Emafe and her relatives.

Emafe and I visited a mountain top with her parents and family. It is actually where some of her relatives live. At first I felt a little uncomfortable since it was a new scenery and I felt a little stressed from the news I saw on TV. But then it was time to sit down and look at some of the chickens that live there.

Chickens have eyes that look a lot like fish eyes and their necks move fast in twitching-like motions. I saw how innocent they were and felt a sense of peace watching them walk around and take care of their young. I also took a few moments to look at the mountains that sat off in the distance. The coconut trees living there seemed as vast as an ocean. I liked that too.

The last thing everyone did was play volleyball. I didn’t play but I watched a little bit. I was content just snapping a few photos as a remembrance. People were smiling so I was smiling too. It was another beautiful day in the Philippines.

Emafe & Chris Rice.

Mama chicken and her chic.

Chicken playing peek-a-boo.
Walking chickens.
Coconut trees on a mountain.
The family playing volleyball.


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