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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Old-fashioned building constructed in 2015 or 2016.

After almost a month in the province we are now back in Davao City. The photo above is a new building but it’s design is a little old fashioned. I always notice this building whenever we travel in the city and I think the construction of it was finished in 2015 or 2016.

After arriving in the city, Mama bought us a jack fruit so that we could have a snack and relax. It was really tiring to travel that far and I must admit, I was a little over fatigued after that. I actually don’t know why. Something about traveling and maybe exercising again really got me sick and super tired.

So today we did something different: Emafe, her Mom, her Dad and I relaxed at a nail shop to get foot massages. It was a really nice experience and I enjoyed seeing her parents relax. I am not sure what Emafe and her Mom got but her Dad and I at least relaxed from a massage. The name of the nail shop is Nailandaya. I have gone there with Emafe a few times and will definitely go back.

As most people know.. stress is the number one common factor present in marriage problems, family problems, financial problems, health problems, imaginary problems and just about every type of problem there is. So if we can handle stress, we can handle anything. I handle it with peace.. especially since most problems are imagined or made worse through unhelpful thoughts.

One of the unique fruits in the Philippines, Jack Fruit.
Emafe Rice and her Dad.
Pedicure at Nailandaya inside SM City Ecoland.


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