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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Marilou Verzonilla

I cannot remember if I was ever in the house or apartment shown in the photo above but it is a picture of my biological Mom. So I guess the picture represents the past better than my memory does. But here is a memory I have of 2016.

We met a broker when we still lived in Bambu Estate who came to our house to discuss a unit for sale in Camella Davao. I still remember hearing her surprised and in awe of our cats when she saw them. She liked them a lot. And since I was in the middle of recovering from an illness and Emafe was two months pregnant, we eventually decided to offer the broker our cats. We were also in the process of selling our home at the time. It wasn’t a simple choice to make and we thought about it and reflected on our situation before asking if she’d be interested. But in the end, we made that choice and it’s a choice I stand by.

Sometimes life changes in ways that we don’t expect. And sometimes the best thing to do in the moment is not the best thing we expected. If I have learned anything, it is that having attachments hurts and can even destroy the things we are attached to. It’s better to live free, love in the moment and live life with ease. 

Having said that I will always remember my wife’s favorite cat and I will also remember my biological Mom, even if my memory isn't good.

Toby boy.


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