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Monday, August 23, 2010

Award Winning
Photo Credit: TranBC

Further in Jack Canfield's book, he outlines an exercise aimed at acknowledging one's past accomplishments. The theory is, if you embrace the success from your past, you'll be more equipped with confidence to continue succeeding in the future. In other words, if you've succeeded once, you can succeed again. 

My goal is to record 100 accomplishments dating from my birth to present time. If your not busy, take some time to do it too. Realize your success and write it down. It's well worth it.

Here are my favorite moments of success: (share your success list with me)

Birth to 9 years old

1. When I was 5 years old my kindergarten teacher showed my class a jar full of pennies. Who ever could come up with the best guess as to how many pennies there were in the jar would take the jar home as a prize, pennies and all. I counted a group of 5 to 8 pennies then visualized how many groups it would take to fill the jar. Call it math or call it luck, either way, I was able to win the grand prize. It felt good to make my teacher proud.

2. At the age of 7 I decided I was ready to ride my bike without training wheels. In taking initiative I grabbed a wrench from our garage and went to work on the side of the street, right next to the sidewalk. It almost took an hour but soon enough the training wheels were off. I then, got on my bike, looked ahead and rode it for the first time on two wheels.

10 to 17 years old
1. At the age of 14 I scored my first job at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

2. At the age of 16 I graduated High School as a junior, a year ahead of my class.

3. At the age of 17 I joined the US Navy under Aviation Electronics. After finishing boot camp I was flown to Pensacola, Florida for A-School. I finished in the top 5 of my class for common core and after negotiating with my chain of command I convinced them to change my course from Aviation Electrician to that of an Aviation Electronic Technician.

18 to 25 years old
1. At the age of 19 I had $25,000 in savings and investments. This was a landmark of what I envisioned before joining the military.

2. In February of 2006 I made $10,000 in a 1 month stock trade with a $1,000 investment. In the long haul I was not so successful with my trades and investments but it was nice to experience a few good wins.

3. At the age of 22 I bench pressed 215 lbs. This was a long time coming as I had been working out off and on since I was 16 years old.

4. In 2007 I founded Shelter Listings, a 501c3 nonprofit in California. I did the administrative work, web work, and developed the online housing database. Shelter Listings' database consists of over 3,000 listings and many of them include crucial information such as length of stay.

5. In April of 2009 I bought my first car and learned how to drive. I already had experience driving with a driving instructor and friends but I wasn't good at it yet. I also learned how to navigate across the bay and had a new found freedom to go where ever I pleased. 

6. On March 5th 2010, I married my beloved wife on my 25th birthday. 

Thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

note book
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In Jack Canfield's book, "The Success Principles", he shares a method for discovering your life's purpose. He also includes a template for visualizing constructive goals. In this blog I include my life purpose and three of the goals I've set for March 5th, 2015. I'm interested in feedback so if your willing, email me your thoughts. You can also leave a comment at the bottom.

My purpose is to be loving and well intended while listening and talking with others, promoting faith, harmony and personal success in a world full of wealth and abundance.

Goals for March 5th, 2015:
1. Together with Fema we earn over $13,000 a month, we have over $75,000 in savings, a new car and two houses. Our house in San Mateo has 5 bedrooms, a large window on the left hand side of the entrance and our net worth is over $100,000. The inside of our house is fully furnished with couches, beds, tables and curtains that match. We have all the latest gizmos and gadgets and a wonderful healthy baby girl.

Disclaimer: These are astronomical figures and it would take nothing short of a miracle to make them come true. But I am dreaming them anyways, it's free to dream right? And where would we be without our dreams? (August 21st, 2012) 

2. I spend my free time eating dinners with loving friends and family, helping Fema with YouTube and playing with my wonderful daughter. When I have extra time, I visit tourist spots with the same loving group of people.

3. I am perfectly healthy with a good build and low body fat. I go to bed on time and wake up early each morning. I'm full of life and energy. I'm flexible and strong. I maintain a state of bliss throughout the day and stay grateful for everything I have. I am truly blessed.

It's important to me that I consistently feed my mind with positive thoughts, phrases and images. To do this I read my goals on a weekly basis (sometimes more), I live with extreme gratitude and I do my absolute best with what I have. I hope you like my vision and I'd love to know yours.

Thanks for reading :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our time with Ayvee and Aunt Maya went by fast but it left us with a lasting impression. They were there when we read our vows and they were there when we celebrated our reception. This brings me to my next point. . . the reception was absolutely fantastic!

We had an MC coordinating the event as we walked in, there was music, there was dancing, there was speaking and a whole lot of eating. The day was filled with laughter, joy and even tears. Two of our family members sang songs and three of them gave mini speeches. We popped a balloon full of candies, we threw the bouquet, the garter, cut the cake, drank non-alcoholic wine and released two doves as a symbol of love.

Let this be an official thank you to everyone who made it in spirit or in body. Thank you!

I love you Fema :)

Here are some of my favorite pictures:

I love you Fema. Thank you for all of these years! (note added later on August 21st, 2012)