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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

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In Jack Canfield's book, "The Success Principles", he shares a method for discovering your life's purpose. He also includes a template for visualizing constructive goals. In this blog I include my life purpose and three of the goals I've set for March 5th, 2015. I'm interested in feedback so if your willing, email me your thoughts. You can also leave a comment at the bottom.

My purpose is to be loving and well intended while listening and talking with others, promoting faith, harmony and personal success in a world full of wealth and abundance.

Goals for March 5th, 2015:
1. Together with Fema we earn over $13,000 a month, we have over $75,000 in savings, a new car and two houses. Our house in San Mateo has 5 bedrooms, a large window on the left hand side of the entrance and our net worth is over $100,000. The inside of our house is fully furnished with couches, beds, tables and curtains that match. We have all the latest gizmos and gadgets and a wonderful healthy baby girl.

Disclaimer: These are astronomical figures and it would take nothing short of a miracle to make them come true. But I am dreaming them anyways, it's free to dream right? And where would we be without our dreams? (August 21st, 2012) 

2. I spend my free time eating dinners with loving friends and family, helping Fema with YouTube and playing with my wonderful daughter. When I have extra time, I visit tourist spots with the same loving group of people.

3. I am perfectly healthy with a good build and low body fat. I go to bed on time and wake up early each morning. I'm full of life and energy. I'm flexible and strong. I maintain a state of bliss throughout the day and stay grateful for everything I have. I am truly blessed.

It's important to me that I consistently feed my mind with positive thoughts, phrases and images. To do this I read my goals on a weekly basis (sometimes more), I live with extreme gratitude and I do my absolute best with what I have. I hope you like my vision and I'd love to know yours.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Christopher,

    You're goals are such an inspiration for me. What I love about your statement, and about you as a being, is the harmony and connection you strive to create around you. Most goals I have read, and that I make, are monetary, or status oriented. You're goals seem to understand the importance of money, but only as a tool to create more love around you. This is wise, and you will find more happiness for it.

    Here is my invitation- although your goal is in five years, live as if have already arrived at your goal. The practical matters will fall into place in time, but the internal energy of your goals, that of excitement, love, peace, adventure, nurture, connection and joy- all that which your goals will give you- are available right now. I think that's the great misconception of goals- that they are something created for future happiness. Infact, they are made for PRESENT happiness, because the future only exists in our present mind. It cannot be otherwise.

    Plan for the future, live for the moment.

    My goals are simple- Have 70k in cash or liquid assets by July 2011, and Direct my first feature length film in 2012.

    These are both very important goals to me. However, in stating them, I see that I am not taking my own advice. I think they deserve an overhaul and an injection of heart.

    Thank you for inspiring me, Christopher! :)

    1. Hi Zen,

      It's been a while. I didn't achieve the financial goals I set out in the blog post and the pregnancy my wife and I were thinking in advance for had a major complication but I believe the essence of my dreams have consistentally come true. I think it is like that for everyone, it's just that most people do not really dig deep into their unconscience mind to understand what it is they really want.