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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Photo Credit: Rock Base

If I want anything I want a peaceful life, full of love, happiness and everyone I know safely included.  But as I've learned so well, recklessly trying to make things end the way I want and fighting every alternative off with a stick is useless, pointless and counter-productive.

Loving to the best of my ability now and today for as long as I can and as much as I can may be all that I can ever do.

Love & Happiness


  1. As we age & gain knowledge that happiness & peace are already within us, wehave to learn to cultivate it like a seed struggling to emerge from the earth. as it does, it's roots stabilize & the seedling soon transforms into a plant, continually expanding it's stem to branch leaves. however, if the plant is uncared for, unwatered or not given the light it requires nor whispered words of love & encouragement, then it too will suffer & not survive. So is the inner being, our soul seeking peace & happiness that is our birthright for these feelings to last eternally. In order for this to occur, we are all faced with varying degrees of loss, suffering, heartache, abuse & so on. As the human form, we all have these in common. but, if we manifest god's everpresent ability to shed grace, light, compassion, forgiveness & unconditional love, thenour purist destiny will ultimately be peace & happiness. We must simply let go & allowhim to take over. Much love to you cousin, you are never alone. xo, Riza

  2. @SonghiGirl85

    Thanks cousin! I appreciate your comment. Sorry it took me so long to reply :)

    - Chris