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Friday, July 5, 2013

Photo Credit: André Karwath

I have not written a blog post in a while and the last one I wrote was a little intense. So instead of writing about life’s challenges, I am going to write about a tradition I learned from Filipinos in the Philippines. It’s the act of buying “pasalubongs” for people who cannot go with you on your travels.

As I suggested above, pasalubongs are gifts bought whenever you visit another region or country. It can be bought in your hometown for people you visit, or it can be bought when you travel for loved ones back home. It usually includes things like key chains and candy but imported chocolate is the gift of choice.

A pasalubong is a symbol of care.. it is a gift.. and a token of friendship. So make sure you buy a pasalubong whenever travel. It will be remembered as a kind gesture and an act of kindness.

Thank you Mama, Papa, Tita Flor, Tito Titeng, Sang and Chris, Jackie & Skat, Mimi & Peter, Dymes and everyone else who has given us a pasalubong over the years.

Yeah, it’s pretty common!


  1. I had a found memories as a kid receiving pasalubong from my Ate whenever she comes home from work every night. What I love about our filipino tradition.

  2. @Joyce Ramirez

    Yeah. We bought pasalubongs for Cheng, Mantoy and Ariane while we were in Manila.

    I will try to do it more often :)