Reading, Writing & Re-writing.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

This is one of my favorite birthdays and it is also one of my happiest. I can feel how much I am loved and cared for and I also have the support of my wife to do more than what I am capable of doing myself. This is our 4 year wedding anniversary and it is also my 29th birthday.

We have been through a lot of mental and emotional trials but through it all I have become a better person, and through it all I have grown to love Fema more and more. And through it all I have felt more loved and cared for than I ever have.

This is an official thank you to my wife, Emafe Rice (Fema) for standing by me.. for loving me.. for sacrificing and suffering through my own weaknesses and hardships. This is a letter of happiness for finding the person of a lifetime.. for falling in love and finding happiness.

I love you Fema. Don't stop believing in your dreams and remain happy with me and your loved ones. We are in this together!