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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Fema, Zac and I.

I had the joy of going to Crocodile Park here in Davao City with Fema, Zac and a good number of family members. I got to see a monkey ride a bike, ducks marched in a parade, and I saw a crocodile whose mouth stayed open like a statue.

The biggest joy was seeing Fema’s expressions during the animal talent show and seeing the pictures of Zac floating in the arms of his Tatay above the coy fish. I also got to see Papa's reaction to the tall ostriches and I fed the same birds with special food held in my hands.

It's definitely a good experience to get up close and personal with these animals. Like all animals and babies they have a great amount of innocence, especially the friendly ones. I will try to visit more tourist sites and travel more often. That is one thing in life that is worth doing.

Jake, Jon-Jon & Renz at the entrance.
Ate Talanga taking a picture at the selfie-stand.
Fema sitting on a crocodile statue.
The crocodile kept his mouth open like that for 30 to 45 minutes.
A real bird is standing on Papa's hand.
Papa saw an ostrich for the first time.
Fema is feeding an ostrich here.
Jake and Renz are feeding the bunnies.
Mama, Tito Titeng and Tita Flor. Zac is laying down on the left.

This is a YouTube video of our day at Crocodile Park.