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Sunday, March 24, 2019

I believe everyone can make the world a better place in 3 Steps:

Discover Your Natural Tendencies

This can be done by taking a personality test but also requires some life experience.

Keep in mind that Personality Tests are most accurate for people who are 30 years old (and older).


Use Your Natural Tendencies to Benefit Yourself, Others & All of Mankind
This is easier said than done but if your goal is to benefit yourself, others and mankind (and you completed Step 1), I believe you are on the right track.
To achieve this over a lifetime is the epitome of success.


Prevent & Reduce Suffering (Minimize & Avoid Pleasures that Lead to Suffering)
A lot of the pleasures we seek actually create suffering. Things like eating consistent junk food, smoking cigarettes and making a living by taking advantage of others, are some of the things that give people pleasure, only to undermine their society, security and well-being over the long run.
Converting from pleasures that cause suffering to pleasures that prevent, reduce and lead to the elimination of suffering are the new good deeds of our modern world.


NOTE: All of us create suffering to an extent since all of us are consumers to an extent, and our consumption places a burden on the earth, on animals, wildlife and the rest of mankind.

You can comment your ideas below . . .


The prevention, reduction, and elimination of suffering makes the happiness we experience, more enjoyable, healthy and sustainable. 


Wednesday, March 20, 2019

NOTE: This article was originally posted on March 3, 2019 via Steemit by @chrisrice.


Bitcoin technically entered a Bear Market in February of 2018 after dropping over 20% from it's All-Time High of around $20,000 USD (two months after the initial drop in price), but the overall trend spanning since 2010 may be bullish and might have remained bullish overall this entire time with the recent Bear Market being nothing more than an overly long correction before Bitcoin continues it's overall Bullish and upward trend toward $20,000 USD again and possibly higher.
If that is the case, the overall upward trend in Bitcoin might continue soon, and could cause the price of Steem to increase too (maybe even surge).
Furthermore, if the price of Bitcoin goes above the upper red line on that graph, it might be confirming this theory and could lead to a commencement in Bitcoin's current (or prior) uptrend. It might also lead to a surge in volume.
So the good times for Steemians may be near and right around the corner. This would be especially true for those of us with a stake (i.e. @kenmelendez @freedompoint @tarazkp @galenkp and @gadrian).
If you found this insight newsworthy, please Resteem, Upvote & Share this post. Some of my previous forecasts include predicting that Steem would fall to $0.25 cents before it did, based on a Head & Shoulders chart pattern, and predicting the possibility that Bitcoin could also crash.
In the case of this possible forecast, the chart is showing a Falling Wedge which could indicate that the prior and current overall trend is still up, with the commencement of the uptrend right around the corner and possibly at the door.
Nothing is guaranteed though. This isn't financial or profession advice of any kind. It is only an idea and a possibility, not necessarily true but time will tell.
P.S: @exyle also shared some technical analysis on his Steemit blog and this idea of Bitcoin being in an overall upward trend since 2010 could and possibly should be shared by people like  @aggroed @theycallmedan@surpassinggoogle and @nathanmars.